Customer Care Help Desk

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The Customer Care Help Desk is the primary point-of-contact to support all Networx Enterprise customer service requirements. This office is staffed to support all service and technical issues and can assist with questions about any of the following areas:

  • Customer Assistance - General questions about administrative and operational procedures and Verizon points of contact 
  • Service Ordering - Requests for new service or modifications to existing service 
  • Training - Questions about available training and class schedules 
  • Technical Support - Questions about how to use functions of a Verizon service 
  • Trouble Reporting - Reporting problems with existing services
  • Billing Disputes - Report billing problems, questions, or concerns

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Speak with one of our customer service representatives 1-888-624-7730

Send us a facsimile 1-888-229-5074

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Postal Mail
Mail us a letter:
10000 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Top Support Questions

  1. How do I obtain a Networx Enterprise Customer Center User ID and password?
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. Does Verizon offer training for the Networx Enterprise Customer Center?
  4. I logged into Networx Enterprise Customer Center but I cannot access any of the tools.  Why?
  5. What is CPNI and why are forms required?

Escalation Information

Customers can request escalation to any level at any time should they feel the need to do so.  When escalating a ticket, please have the following information available:
  • What is the ETMS ticket number?
  • What is the impact to your business?
  • Who have you already worked with on the issue?

Use the number below to engage the respective levels of management on a 24x7 basis:

888-212-0139 or 919-378-6390